( Step By Step ) How to Login to HDFC netbanking account ?

In this post, we’ll explain you step by step process to successful login to your HDFC netbanking account and access the same with ease and security. Before we start, you must have your customer id and IPIN (password) ready. You must have an active HDFC netbanking account. It is better/safer to access internet banking from home computer or laptop rather than in cyber cafe or at a public location. You must be connected to the internet. We also advise you to keep your computer protected with the latest antivirus and internet security suites. Further, keep your os and other software updated to the latest version.

Step By Step Process for HDFC NetBanking Account Login:

  • Open your web browser Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome or Internet Explorer and in the web address, open the below webpage – https://netbanking.hdfcbank.com/netbanking/
  • Now enter your Customer ID in the respective field at the left side. You can get your customer id from your passbook and also if you don’t remember you can get it from your HDFC netbanking details kit. Customer ID is usually in numeric format. Click on Continue button.HDFC Net banking Login page
  • Now in the IPIN (password) field, type your password. The password/IPIN is mentioned in the HDFC netbanking welcome kit given by your bank for the first time user. Passwords are case sensitive so check your keyboard properly for caps lock key. Alternatively, you can use the virtual keyboard provided on the website by checking the box titled = Click here to use virtual keyboard for the password section only. Using virtual keyboard is highly recommended if you’re not using your personal protected computer.
  • Now click on Login button. If you’ve your secure access profile already set up earlier, then you’ll be prompted to tick the box titled – Please confirm your secure access image and Message to Login.HDFC Net Banking Menu
  • If everything is entered correctly, you’ll successfully be able to log into your hdfc netbanking account. Once logged in, you can easily navigate to various options like checking your account balance or statement, modifying your passwords and profile, updating your pan card or other notifications. Once you’re done with everything, don’t forget to click on the Logout button located at the top right side of the webpage.HDFC Net banking Login Process
  • You may get errors if there is something wrong like you may not be registered for netbanking facilitiy. In such case, you need to go to your branch and fill internet banking form and submit it. If you’re getting invalid password error, make sure you’re typing the correct password using small and capital letters as required because if your password is in small letters and you are typing in capital, you’ll always get an error. If you don’t remember your password, then you have to request new ipin generation which can be done at the login page itself by clicking on forgot your ipin link.


If you’re getting an error message stating that “Sorry, Access to HDFC NetBanking has been denied, Contact netbanking support”, then you need to contact your branch. This will happens in case if you are not logged in to your HDFC netbanking account for more than 180 days or if you have been several failed login attempts.

If you’re still having problems logging, then contact your nearest HDFC bank branch or mobile banking number for your city or online via https://leads.hdfcbank.com/applications/webforms/customersupport/optcfrm2.asp

Note: Please do not post your bank account details anywhere. Never reveal your IPIN to anyone.

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